We walk south, through a city that is only just awakening. The great Buddhist temples are complexes, filled with shrines, gardens, private living areas, ceremonial spaces, blessing shops and food stands.

We enter Yasaka Shrine, then Murayama Park, onward south through the amazing Higashiyama district. Shopkeepers roll up their doors, sweep their porches, stock their displays.

Many stores and restaurants offer one thing. A thousand delicate fans, a hundred types of pickled vegetables or a vast variety of mochi treats stuffed with various pastes: red bean, green tea, chocolate. We sample buckwheat tea, green tea, oolong tea, while AliSun keeps an eye out for matcha.

The streets climb steadily higher as we make our way southeast. Vast armies of Japanese schoolchildren pass in the distinct uniforms of a myriad of schools. They wear bright hats to keep them herded. A flock of yellow-hatted six year olds here, a group a couple years older adorned in blue. No hats for the high school kids, who flirt and giggle and wear their uniforms a bit different from each other and pose for group pictures.

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Autumn in Kyoto, Japan

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KYOTO, in early autumn, inspires quiet moments of meditation and reflection here in the transition of the changing leaves. Two weeks from now, the city will shimmer and sparkle with golden hues of reds and oranges from the tips of the mountaintops all the way down into the bustling city streets.

A buzz is afoot in this beautiful city. The pulse is gracious, gentle and vibrantly rich. A harmonious flow winds it’s way all throughout the city. A city of many heartbeats, naturally meet and blend together for a well intentioned dance.

It feels if we have been invited for the dress rehearsal, as the city makes its final preparation for the season of the changing leaves. Many festivals, ceremonies and celebrations highlight the calendar in these coming days.

Hints of reddened leaves glow from the tips of the branches of the trees. The air is crisp, inspiring each and every leaf to perk up, listening for it’s cue and divine timing to curl and blossom into gorgeous sun kissed reflections. As the leaves of the trees transmute and transform into its new shapes and forms, so do the people. Everyone is touched by the season of the changing leaves. Nothing stays the same. Everything changes form. Kyoto is a wonderful model for that.

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Kyoto’s Cafe Du Mon

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Across the street from the east gate of Daitoku-ji Temple sits Cafe Du Mon, an amazing little gem of a restaurant.  A fusion of Japanese, French and Italian cuisine creates a unique palette of flavors and textures, each dish more striking and intriguing than the last.


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Located at the end of the road on the North Shore, Ke’e is a PARADISE ON EARTH…So grateful for these precious moments communing and being in her presence…What a gift it was to rock hop among her nutrient rich soil while frolicking blissfully in her rejuvenating waters. Kauai is a gem with many treasures to be revealed in all directions, boundless to all dimensions.

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A View of Kurama-dera Temple

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I snapped this panoramic photo at Kurama-dera Temple today, about an hour north of Kyoto in the mountains. Can you spot the birthday girl? Happy birthday, AliSun Trees!


Kurama-dera Temple, Japan (click to enlarge)


Mother Earth is quite the crown jewel! How wonderful to discover her many treasures hidden and tucked away within all the nooks and crannies of the earth. Upon her abundantly rich and fertile soil, rest illuminated places (power centers) that naturally shimmer and shine beyond all space and time. One step upon her heavenly abode, one’s spirit is lifted and touched with an all encompassing glow.

One gorgeously lit sunny Sunday morning, Tyler and I discovered such a place among the valley of The Lawa’i on the garden island of Kaua’i. Here thrives a glowing gem, the Lawa’i International Center, a Global Healing Center. A bright jewel once hidden among a full foliage tropical oasis, now rests as a bright light revealed and illuminated for all the world to see.

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Gettin’ There: KIX to Osaka

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One week from today. We leave Anahola early in the morning, hop a half hour plane from Lihue to Honolulu (LIH-HNL), tough out a long haul to Seoul (HNL-ICN) and finish up with a short flight to Osaka (ICN-KIX). OK, toughing it out is a stretch – we’re flying business class HNL-ICN-KIX (95,000 United miles and $84 in taxes).

Two weeks in Japan. Three days in Osaka, a week in Kyoto, five days in Nara, and a night in Osaka before flying to Bangkok (ICN-HKG-BKK).

somewhere in osaka

somewhere in osaka

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This blog post is in honor of my Dad, Larry Mole Parker,
who inspired me from a very young age to
appreciate the beauty of light in everything I see…
Larry will soon be celebrating his 70th birthday in Viet Nam
and neighboring countries…
Happy Birthday, Dad!

ALOHA and ENJOY a little slice of paradise, our dear family and friends.
All photos here are of our travels on the magical island
of MAUI. It truly is a magical and inspired place!

In my next post, I will share the various tropical flowers I met upon our adventures…


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by Ali Sun Trees on October 2, 2013 · 4 comments

ALOHA from the North Shore of Maui where magic
and aloha spirit blend together in a
dance of ancient alchemic bliss
revealing a magical world living and breathing
beyond all time and space.

Invites reflection and inspires a way of
living life in a very beautiful way.
So, when you visit
be sure to soak in some of
her cosmic rays
and her nourishing light
as it will for sure
enlighten your stay.

Morning until night, spirits dance and weave their magic
through the fronds of the coconut trees,
igniting, inspiring and stoking the cosmic fire
within, above, below and throughout.

Spirits lift as dreams awaken
becoming REALity.
Maui is a place where rainbows light
the way in very powerful ways.

A trip to Hana is a deeply magical,
whimsical and a heart centered journey.
However, that’s just the start.
To know her is to feel her,
as her pulse is a very powerful

What is so beautiful about Hana
is how she takes you by the hand
whisking you into
her magnificent world.

Inside the deep and expansive
mysterious bloodline
of our true ancestry,
she meets you there.

All you have to do is listen,
feel and trace the patterns
inside the womb
of her earthly abode.
For, she is there waiting for
you with candlelight
offering you a reflection
so beautifully of
who and what you truly are.

Oh how the waterfalls
trickle and flow,
guiding one
through an ultimate cosmic cleanse
Naturally and spontaneously
nourishing all the spirits
On this wild blue green earth.

Mama ocean is powerful here.
Yes, indeed!
She will teach you, shape you, form you,
spin you, and spit you out back into the world,
just as she will hold you, caress you,
cleanse and rejuvenate you
while inviting you inside the
her abundantly rich and colorful world.

So be aware,
And take care
as one step inside,
will most likely transform



May you be touched by the aloha
spirit and the beautiful pulse of
Mother Earth.

PHOTOS to follow soon…

Also, you can catch me
on Facebook at (ALISUN TREES) where I have been posting photos
more regularly…happy trails!



We are traveling through another dimension on the road to Hana, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead—our next stop, the Hana Lava Tube.

Lava in and of itself, is ridiculously cool, right? It is, after all, molten rock expelled by a volcano. Now imagine that lava coursing through a giant tube from a volcano to the Pacific Ocean. And that tube just gets bigger and bigger over time, because guess what? Molten rock melts rock. And in that tube, all kinds of crazy stuff happens, from chocolatey stalactites to blind crickets.

So these enterprising guys have the rights to an access point, charge $12.50 a pop, lend you flashlights and optional hard hats and you’re on your way. And its about as cool as “lava tube” sounds, sans actual lava.

(h/t Rod Serling)