Impressions of Loreto Bay, Mexico

We are in the resort village of Loreto Bay, Mexico, a few miles from the town of Loreto, rather far down the Baja Peninsula on the Sea of Cortez.

Reader RS asks: what do you do all day? how’s the weather? what are the highlights?

What do we do all day? As we travel, I still work full-time. We are two weeks into an eight week stay. Our villa is beautiful, very comfortable (more on that in a future post). My daily schedule has shifted to accommodate actual “fun,” heretofore a theory more than an actual practice, prior to traveling the world. In between client work, epic Skype calls and a torrent of analytics, I have made time for many activities, including but not limited to:

  • swimming in the community pool twenty feet from our dining area
  • swimming and snorkeling in the ocean lagoon bordered by the luxury resort a half block away
  • swimming and snorkeling in gorgeous aquamarine waters on a remote island beach eight miles from Loreto’s harbor
  • cooking, lots of cooking, with easy access to fresh sea bass, tortillas, salsa, molé, avocados
  • eating lobster, just once, at the hotel restaurant
  • streaming music, lots of music, listened to on “the best sound system in Loreto Bay”
  • playing guitar
  • hitching rides into Loreto, stocking up on bulk goods, a few import items, maybe even an ice cream treat
  • hitching wifi at El Corazón, an awesome little coffee house
  • reading an actual analog book

How’s the weather? Resortish. 78. Sunny. Breezy. I don’t plan on wearing pants until June.

What are the highlights? The island trip was pretty great. Ali Sun posted some photos; I’ll try to elaborate in another post. Also really loved the fresh molé. We bought it, homemade, at the natural/bulk store. It was thick and oily – combined it with veggie stock in the blender and simmered it with browned chicken, served with rice, asparagus, tortillas.

We’d still like to head into town on a Sunday for Farmer’s Market. More ocean swimming as it warms up. Maybe a trip to St. Javier, the mission in the mountains. This is not a difficult place to enjoy.

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