Hitting The Ground in Findhorn

(06.12) A long, uninterrupted slumber, then up by nine, have a shower.  The kitchen is stocked with freshly baked bread, granola, eggs, butter, milk, soy milk, preserves and more.  I grab a couple pieces of toast, head out to see Paul who’s in a meeting.

John and I chat at the Community Center, then walk. We find the IT team, get coffee at the Blue Angel, head upstairs for a chat. We talk PCs and Macs, plans and visions. The team disperses, Paul and I discuss a few ideas.

Findhorn is a treasure trove of knowledge – fifty years of sustainability, education, speakers, conferences, workshops and gatherings. Those who have heard of Findhorn dream of visiting; those who first learn of it are entranced by stories of early struggles, giant vegetables, a thriving community, magic and possibility.

I struggle with the internet in the afternoon, take a deep breath, walk with Ali Sun to a round meditation room with a living roof, a structure that might be unremarkable in Tolkien’s Shire.

Vegetarian pizza and salad at the CC – olive and onion, followed by rosemary potato. Then an evening talk on three Findhorn landmark buildings from the seventies draws four hundred souls.

Home, some writing and creative time, a light rain. It must be late as twilight fades to dark.

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