Once in a Blue Moon…Split, Croatia

Once in a blue moon, our travels inspire us to set sail across the seas at this auspicious time on our planet, offering an experience so authentic and real, our hearts enlivened with everlasting impressions. These days of transformation and transmutation, the unravelling of the patterns of a history deeply embedded in stones centuries past, are times to be honored and celebrated. Worlds both far and near are spontaneously moving closer together to heal and awaken a new reality. Patterns forming and emerging within the fullness of the moon, intentions spiraling into visions of light, etching new patterns across the skies, uniting circles around the globe, dusting away the footprints of the past, revealing before our very eyes that we are, indeed, a One Family Planet.

Among our nest, perched between the Pine Tree Forest of Marjan and the Medditeranean Sea, we quietly rest within our final moments before furthering embarking upon our travels. On this day, one that is full in the ripeness of the moon, we open, stretch and expand our wings in preparation for flight, as we travel back towards the city of Zagreb, a city inspired with innovative ways of creating, who many among the locals lived out their youth within the lines of war, not too many moons ago.







Awakening to the rays of the morning sun, our bags packed, nest neatly organized, I step out the front door into the courtyard, resting my body gently upon the hammock, sharing in a celebratory moment with our dear host and new friend, Ives.

We take hands, two worlds uniting as one, sharing and honoring the gratitude we feel for this divinely orchestrated visit. Bearing witness to the strength and beauty in each others eyes, we celebrate the magic created, the intentions made, and the new life opportunities opening, sharing freely in the reflections of our time and space together. In the presence of the angels and among the sanctuary of the pine tree forest above and the deep blue sea below, we seal our newly formed bond of friendship and sisterhood, anointing our beings with the oil of an ancient olive tree,1500 years young, infinitely connecting us across and beyond time and space.

Energy awakening, souls aligning, creativity flowing, we naturally spin and weave a circle of love around and beyond our wings, transmuting the tales of our past into a wellspring of golden light. We expand the circle to meet our dear families and friends, our communities, cultures and countries, planets and ever evolving universes, planting the seeds for worlds old and new to unite as one in peace and love to ripen in the harvest of the following full moons to come. Opening our wings to meet each other, we bid one more sweet farewell until we meet again.

I rest in a state of grace, feeling the joy, the open and spontaneous nature of this lively city of Split, Croatia that lives vivaciously among the Dalmatian Coastline. Moments now gradually becoming memories, yet infinitely touching the imprints of our souls with a land and culture so real and true. In the ripeness of the moon, several alliances made manifest, I celebrate the beauty of this sanctuary, basking in the light of a new day, where worlds are joining hands becoming one, widening the circle, from tree to tree, culture to culture, country to country, planet to planet, star to star, being to being.






The wheels on the bus go round and round….round and round….round and round. The wheels on the bus go round and round all through the town.

AliSun Trees

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