Adventures of Stout Grove & Patrick’s Point

You know those places that speak directly to your soul?

Those places where your spirit soars free and you feel an expansion in your heart vibrating from head to toe. Truly magical, right? Among this beautiful blue green earth there are very special places that naturally stoke the fire, spontaneously spinning a golden thread of light into a tapestry of extraordinary delight. Very specific places. Powerful places, here among Mother Earth, that have been imprinted within the very cells of our DNA from a long, long time ago.


Northern California inspires me in this magical way. From the redwood coastline to the pine and douglas fir forests, I feel a sense of coming home.

It’s been about 12 years since I stepped foot back into the redwood forests beyond the lines of Sonoma County. So, you can only imagine the excitement I felt once I wrapped my arms around the first grove of redwood trees. One word. Intoxicating. Ok, maybe two. Powerful. Ok. One more. Liberating. I arrived with a stiffness and soreness in my neck and shoulders, and left the forest in laughter feeling brighter and more expansive. Not a complete surprise to me as it was just 12 years ago, I healed my sciatica, almost overnight just a few groves away…

Being among the redwoods is truly a homecoming to my ancestral roots. Feeling the sponginess of the earth below my feet, opening my wings to meet the twisting and turning of the greenery on the sunlit trees. Here among the beauty of the forest, I am enlivened by the rich communion and celebration of my existence. Our existence.


Settling into a spot on the ridge above, I enjoy a moment of solitude from the active forest floor below. Tuning in, fully present in the space, I begin to feel a stirring and a buzzing sensation within. Images surfacing, thoughts mingling, I take in a deep slow inhalation followed with a nice long exhalation, listening for all that is opening. Feeling a sense of clarity and now open to receive, an insight sparkles and reveals rather spontaneously.

My bones softening, my skin stretching, I feel an ancient layer surfacing, mirroring to me what I am most ready to see. Naturally and spontaneously lifting and dancing into the abyss, this lifelong well attended skin once etched into my very soul, now lifts. With loving intention, I feel and witness this shedding of the skin spontaneously combusting back into stardust. Nourished with a wonderful feeling of immense gratitude and appreciation, I welcome the newly formed insights, happily releasing the stories of the past.

Following some moments integrating my new reality, I scan the forest, my eyes now meeting those of Tyler’s. He is sitting by a tree just south of the path. We nod a glance, both feeling ready to make our way down the trail together.

As we begin to make our way out of the grove, I remember something. I take my bag from upon my shoulders and swing it out in front of me. I unzip it. Inside is a little woven pouch with jewels inside. “We can share a blessing with the forest.” I have been listening for the perfect spot. How wonderful that it is here in Stout Grove. I ask Tyler if he would like to join me in an offering for our dear forest friends. Happy to do so, he comes closer.

Here among this sacred grove, where some of the eldest redwoods upon Mother Earth exist, we offer a peace offering. In celebration of love and graciousness, unity and harmony, we each take a turn to share a blessing. From the palm of my hand, we each take a small bundle of rosemary and crystalline stones that have traveled with us since our travels in New Mexico. With intentions of peace, love and unity among the planet, we place the jewels along the spine of the fallen ancient and timeless redwood tree.

After all the precious stones are scattered, my eyes follow the scope of the tree. To my surprise I see a fresh new shoot flowing out from this beautiful being from which we shared our very offerings…

Alas, a new imprint is born!

“Hey, what are friends for, right?”

Simply spreading the love…may you all enjoy the beauty and magic of nature!



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