CSA – Week 7

Good times! Super hot out there on the farm, glad I wore sunscreen but probably need a hat next time. It’s probably 20 degrees hotter there than it is in the redwoods where we live.

The Newsletter


This Week’s Harvest

Bel Fiore & Sugarloaf Chicories, Cipollini Onions, Fairytale + Asian + Italian Eggplant, Slicing Tomatoes, Lorz Softneck Garlic, Farao Green Cabbage, Purple Daikon, Dino KaleLoose Rainbow Carrots, Summer Squash & Zucchini, Olympian Cucumbers, Lemon Cucumbers, Salad Mix (with Mizuna, Baby Bok Choi, Little Gems, and Frisee), Summercrisp and Red Butter Head Lettuces


Albion Strawberries, Sugar Snap Peas, Purple Snow Peas, Frying Peppers, Jalapeños and all the herbs from last week plus an abundance of flowers for the pickin’.


I’ve been so busy with work, cooking has been fairly utilitarian, but at least filled with the freshest possible vegetables. Also making a constant flow of veggie stock adds to the larder.

Harvest Time!

Love the Purple Daikon, the Cipollini Onions and the different Cukes. Missed the Chicory though, shoot. Next time!

What’s Cooking

Got home, made some baked cod with Daikon, Summer Squash and Carrots, along with a nice mixed green salad. An omelette tonight. Basic stuff, but so fresh.

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