About Us

We are digital nomads, traveling, creating, living and working around the world.

For many, many moons, Ali Sun Trees (owl) and Tyler Suchman (bear) enjoyed a beautiful life in a creatively woven nest upon an avocado orchard, all the while, living among an extraordinary community of creatively inspired beings all throughout the valley of Ojai California. Early this spring, owl and bear cleared and swept their nest clean, carefully packing and storing their belonging to embark on an adventure of travel, living, and working around the world. Join owl and bear on their adventures, as they share stories, photos and reveal tips on how they live, work and travel as digital nomads, freely and creatively around the world.


Being an artist, visionary dreamer, and light-worker, I enjoy creating and holding space for new realities to emerge and awaken. The choice to travel and live around the world inspires me daily to grow and stretch my wings to new heights. My life is devoted to refining and sharing my capacities for creating and holding space for a brighter world, in these extraordinary times of change, all the while being a presence in the world that inspires creativity and loving kindness all throughout the planet and beyond. – AliSun Trees

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I did not know I was a digital nomad until after I became one. The idea of traveling and working around the world has been part-dream and part-goal for a decade or more. Leaving our home, friends, family in Ojai and throughout Southern California seemed big, almost impossibly big. Being on the road seems normal, ordinary in the best possible way. Blogging here is for ourselves and for our community – sharing a moment that may inspire, delight, percolate. Thanks for readin’! – Tyler Suchman

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