A moment of Gratitude…

Gratitude fills me as I take a moment for reflection, looking out into the avocado orchard with the blue sky sparkling through the branches and the light cascading throughout the trees. I am sitting here at the last standing table in our now extra spacious home, one that reverberates and echos, with every sound and movement made. Tyler and I will be transitioning out of one of our most favorite homes ever, on Planet Earth, in just a few days. It has been an extraordinary experience and an absolute pleasure to live here. I could easily write a novel of our adventures here, maybe even two or three. Perhaps, I will. We have been truly blessed to live among a wonderful and beautiful community upon this sacred land so rich and full of magic.

All of us here on the land and within the community have grown so very much, with the land, the humans, the animals, all the nature spirits and let’s not forget the nature of this land; one of the greatest multi-dimensional playgrounds ever played in. So many dreams have been realized here for everyone. As we celebrate each other in each moment, enjoying an extra spacious hug together, another meal, another story shared…we all feel the blessed nature of our home and community that we created here together. This adventure will eternally feed our souls.

With so much anticipation, and wild eyed nights this past week as we pack up and organize the rest of our home here, I have made little time to feel all of my feelings. Now as the tears are finally forming within every cell of my being, I feel held as a deeper breath follows within each wave. I will rest in this spaciousness here, as I move through the rest of the details in preparation for this great transition.

I thank you Universe for always being supportive and in alignment with the highest opportunity for us all. In addition to our move this week, my Grandmother, my father’s mother, who has lived a long and eventful life of 90 years has passed on to her new life. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for the timing of her transition. I just said my goodbyes to her a few weeks ago, as I did not know if I would see her again as we embark on our travels. I could feel she was ready to go, but she was still holding on. I am so happy that she was able to let go and be more at peace now.

I dreamt of my grandmother one night a week or so ago. I recall sitting by her bed, feeling her energy, inviting love and light to fill the room in her presence and just simply be with her in that space. Spontaneously, I witnessed her jumping up out of her bed as if she had a wonderful nights sleep and there she walked into the light with such ease, grace and with new life awaiting her…A week later, I receive a call from my sister Claire around 11:45pm letting me know of her passing. All I could feel in that moment, was YaY, Grandma!!! You graduated! You are free! 🙂 Words cannot express how blessed I feel to have the opportunity to celebrate with my whole Parker family this beautiful woman’s life, my grandmother, Anna Francis Parker, just two days before we depart for our travels. Thank You Grandma! As my mother would say, “You have impeccable timing”!


Ali Sun Trees

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