A day to celebrate…

Gently beaming through the soft tannish curtains adorning the french doors of our bedroom, the suns luminous rays greet with a warm smile awakening us to a new day. Beside me, Tyler enjoys some extra early morning zzzzz’s, as I stretch my body and breath in the new day. I jump out of bed, with a spring in my step, feeling the inner call for my morning yoga/meditation practice to begin. Through the bedroom out into the courtyard, I enter the main house starting my morning with a glass of water, followed by a nopali cactus concoction.

Beautifully woven Mexican Blanket in hand, and sunscreen applied, I make my way up to the top balcony of this beautiful casa de la playa, that will be our nest for the next two months. I lay the blanket down, in the direction of the sun, looking out towards the sea, enjoying the view of all the colorfully designed homes from up above.

I prepare for mountain pose. I invite a gentle set of inhales and exhales, as I soften my body, clear my mind of any lingering thoughts, while opening the energetic channels within and throughout my whole being.

I invite a moment for reflection. Feelings of gratitude and appreciation for life, for all that is opening, healing, transforming in this moment, at this most auspicious time on the planet. I invite some of our most beloved ascended masters to be present with me here this morning, spontaneously calling in the presence of Anadamaya, Jesus, Buddha and Quan Yin.

Today, being Easter, I offer an extra prayer and moment of gratitude for the life of Jesus and his beautiful modeling of love and compassion, as well as his teachings as a natural healer in the world. The Universe is beating an extra beat today in celebration of the love that Jesus’ presence continues to touch upon humanity.

Hands in prayer position, spine stretching up towards the sky, feet firmly, yet gently, sending roots into the earth, I reaffirm my purpose for being here with Mother Earth, and within this ever expanding Universe. Smiling within, I smile to my eyes, throat, heart, solar plexus, continuing until I feel every cell of my body smiling back. I graciously release and breathe out any places of stagnation, blocked energy, that I choose now to experience as only love and light. I invite the natural flow of my being to move in rhythm and in harmony with the universe. I feel a sense of renewal with each breath.

Coming to completion with this mornings practice, I share blessings of gratitude and prayers of peace for all of humanity, nature and the Universe. I gather my things, climb down the staircase back through the courtyard to the main house, entering the living room. I stretch my arm out to meet the matches spontaneously lighting candles, gathering bouquets of flowers, while enjoying some ambient tunes dancing through the airwaves, reverberating sweet melodic harmonies in honor of this blessed day.












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