It’s the morning and I am wide awake. Oh, how I love my morning rest, however I entertain the idea of getting up out of bed earlier today. I listen within as I stretch my body. I move towards the window, to have a better sense of the time. Am I actually up in time to meet the Sun as it rises above the horizon this morning? Imagine that! I gather some warm clothing, doing my best not to wake Tyler, for he had his big dance with the rising sun a couple of weeks ago.

Exiting the villa, I step out onto the road, saying a quick “buenos dias” to our friendly security guard. Each day and night there is a changing of the guards, so to speak, directly outside our place. We are located in the heart of town. Not a whole lot of action at this oasis, however their presence does seem to keep the peace. I cross the street to where the path meets the beach.

I enjoy a peaceful walk along the beach, gradually feeling my body lifting off with great momentum, inspiring my presence to reach the point around the other side of the cove and up above the cliff in time to greet the Sun. I can feel the energy of the rising Sun, as the light in the sky increasingly becomes more lively and radiant.

Up, up and away I go…I make it up to the edge of the cliff with a few moments to spare. I greet the Sun with a great big smile and a heart filled with gratitude. I express my gratitude for the Sun and the nourishment and life that she provides daily.

The Sun is now starting to rise over the island just across the ocean.
Circles of light beam beyond the form of the island’s body.
The light behind the island grows bigger and brighter with every breath. A slight shift in form and magnitude awakens the eye. If I were to blink for a moment, I would miss the subtleties. The hues surrounding the sun are now changing ever so softly, rays of light expanding, the sun’s aura radiating beyond in all directions. I spot what appears to be one magnificent ray of light beaming across the sea. It grows and grows as the Sun’s presence expands across the ripples of the sea.

Birds fly by ahead in the distance. The beauty and grace of the snowy egrets below inspire me to climb back down the cliff. I follow the path back down, enjoying the subtle changes along the way, as the Sun becomes brighter and brighter. I make my way over to the beach, to enjoy the sunrise from the other side of the cove.

I thank the Sun for her presence as I look out to Mother Ocean with great admiration feeling a greater bond with her and for everyone and every living being on this planet. We certainly live upon an amazing planet!










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