Paris…An exquisite Queen of the Universe…

To know Paris, is to love her. Paris is impeccably dressed for the occasion at all times, divinely inspired by the sheer genius of her creative nature, as she passionately celebrates the beauty of life in each and every moment. Her passion for life and art inspires and creates reality, naturally and spontaneously for all to enjoy.

Paris, Queen of romance, art and culture, graciously opens up her heart to the world, all the while stretching her arms to the far corners of the globe, inviting a vivacious celebration of life, love, and passion, inspiring humanity from all walks of life to visit and be touched by the beauty of her Queendom.

The curvature and flowing nature of her physical presence illuminates a delicate vibrancy of light and color, expanding from the higher reaches of her heavenly crown spiraling within and below to the roots of her very essence. Her charismatic and radiant joy caresses gently among the curvitures and reflections of her palace, as her light shines brightly from the peaceful inner sanctuary of her luminous being.

Paris graciously and with a steady swiftness of her heartbeat invites her guests to leave their cozy nests behind for an adventure among her palace, as there are many gems to be discovered among her pearly gates. Walking along her gardens, cafes, museums and galleries, naturally inspires travelers far and wide to fall in love in her presence.

Paris is surrounded by the most exquisite nature, as trees, flowers and gardens are royalty in her Queendom. Eloquently designed gardens with the upmost refinement, invite a sense of significance and importance, offering opulent visions among the gods and goddesses holding court.

Paris takes her travelers by the hand encouraging lovers to embrace for a sunset kiss, perhaps even adorning the bridges with a brass lock sealing in a moment of time as couples proclaim their love for each other, while basking in the divine pleasures of the moment.

Famous for her sociable nature, Paris is a world renowned entertainer as she is hostess to many gatherings and parties throughout her Palace. Parisians and guests alike, enjoy nestling in the arms of a summer picnic, filling their bellies with sweet wines, breads and cheeses.

In the nighttime hours, Paris lights up, mingling freely among the cafes, bars, pubs, bridges, and occasionally on those moonlit nights, she is known to join her family and friends along the bank of the Seine River. Participating in a nightcap, Paris sinks into a cozy space drawing down her golden locks from amongst her crown, all the while dancing to the heartbeat of her soul into the wee hours of the morning.
















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  1. The BEST yet!! Beautifully expressed and pix are perfect. When are you going to Croatia? Looking at flights but not cheap enuf! Can get to NY very cheaply ($287). Would a jet ski get us there within a week??? Much love, M/K

    1. Thanks, Karen! Paris is so beautiful and I am delighted that I was able to capture her extraordinary nature in this post… 🙂
      We are still in the planning stages of Croatia, just need to work out the details…We are jumping on a train to Ceret France, next week for a few days, then on to Vienna Austria for 2 weeks…after that we plan to travel on to Croatia…
      WoW! Great price for New York…Yea, you might have to find a jet ski with wings to get you over here to Europe! 🙂
      With love,
      Ali Sun Trees

  2. Magnifique! Have a crepe from one of those street carts for me. They are très délicieux! Beautiful photos. I love the sculptures. Sounds like you’ll be in the REAL Austria while Kaia and Ryan are playing being Austrian here in The Sound of Music 🙂


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