Travel tip…be ready for spontaneous and divinely orchestrated events to occur at anytime!


“Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, That’s why it’s called the Present.” and equally as great, “It’s the journey, not the destination.”

I believe we are all pretty familiar with these popular quotes. How often have we fully embraced the wisdom and the reality of these words? How else would spontaneous and divinely orchestrated events occur in those unexpected moments? When unforeseen events present themselves, do we experience them as gifts or unfortunate circumstances? Perhaps, we find ourselves going back and forth between the two. These are the moments when we may ask ourselves, is there perhaps a greater plan, unbeknownst to us? Are we truly listening…I mean truly listening and being present with all the signs and opportunities being offered to us in this very moment?

Travel presents many opportunities for growth and reflection. One can have “all their ducks in a row” one moment, to discover there is a wild duck running loose in the pack that has an alternate plan…Perhaps, the wild duck is the one that invites us to let go of our minds from our usual way of seeing and experiencing things, inviting new spontaneous adventures to magically awaken.

In the past year over several travel adventures, Tyler and I have experienced an Italian train strike, a change of travel plans due to the Schengen Zone of the European Countries, a cancellation of an airline flight due to a thick and large fog bank limiting visibility, and a flood and mud slide canceling train service until the next morning, inviting a spontaneous overnight in a new and magical city.

While a change of plans can feel intense and challenging at times, if we take a moment to simply breath, listen, feel and act upon the opportunities that present themselves moment to moment, perhaps we realize that there are much greater plans being set in motion.

So, when it took 35 hours for Tyler and I to arrive in London a week ago on the way to Paris, from what would have been a 3 hour travel day, from Forres, Scotland, somewhere in the depths of our inner universes our stars were conjuring and aligning in ways that would layer by layer unravel, revealing beautiful gems and pearls of wisdom along the way.

What greater way of refining our presence and relationships with the world, with ourselves, with each other, while further awakening our sense of humor, and honoring our natural way of being with the ever flowing Universe?

How better divinely orchestrated than to have met and had the pleasure of spending quality time with Jonathon Caddy upon our travels. Jonathan is the son of Eileen Caddy, one of the pioneers and co-founders of the Findhorn Foundation. “Cornerstone,” the house Tyler and I had the honor of staying at in Findhorn, was built by Jonathan for his mother. Eileen Caddy was an amazing woman and is a world renowned for her divine presence on Earth. Eileen transitioned beyond the earth plane in 2006 at the ripe age of 95. Jonathan Caddy was someone we had hoped to meet during our stay at Findhorn, yet to find that we were destined to meet him and his beautiful family at the airport, on their way to Bali. Naturally, I could feel Eileen Caddy’s presence and light around us, smiling at the opportunity of these divinely inspired moments together.

If we were to have caught our flight to London from Aberdeen, how else would we have accepted the gift of traveling the beautiful countryside of Scotland, passing through and enjoying numerous villages and cities by train along the way?

How about our spontaneous, yet divinely orchestrated meal with our dear friend Hani Hong who happened to be in Edinburgh, Scotland, attending a TED Global conference. Surprise! Our train to London was cancelled until the next day, due to flooding and mud slides. We spent the night enjoying this magical city with a wonderful friend.

What about the beautiful young man I sat next to on the first train, who appeared to be mute in speech, and glowing with a heart of gold, offering his assistance to everyone on our full and crowded train. Our communication was simply through the exchange of our hearts, often sharing and engaging each other with a smile from time to time.

What greater way to be invited to a spontaneous party with the local Scots, all the while being amused by and enjoying in their festivities on their way to a big rock concert in Manchester, or learning of the Pompidou Museum here in Paris by a young and hip local artist, while traveling by train.

How about a young man named Jack, a potential future U.N. representive from Germany, who offered a genuinely real and heartfelt reflection of the world. How kind of him to graciously escort Tyler and I to our next train, as he knew the way quite naturally. The knowingness of his greatness sent chills throughout my body, seeing that he was destined for a great future, for both his own career and for our planet.

How about this for divinely inspired meetings? While waiting my turn for the loo on the train, a woman appears out of the blue, recognizing me. “I know you from Paris, she says. “Really, I say, where did we meet?” Turns out we shared a meal together with our dear friends Chris and Pausha in Paris one rainy evening last fall, afterwards running through Paris with opened umbrellas and laughter on our lips. Wing and her boyfriend Stephen were on the same train with Tyler and I, traveling from Manchester to London on their way to a wedding planned for the next day. They almost took the earlier train.

“So, am I grateful for this divinely orchestrated adventure? Absolutely! These uncanny and divinely inspired moments offered us an expansive practice in the art of presence, deeper listening, and perhaps above all, a greater sense of humor about the things that generally inspire human beings to feel like they are loosing their minds. After all, is it so bad to lose our minds, once in a while?

One of the greatest gifts offered and practiced here is the opportunity of living each moment with joy and presence, no matter what the situation. And in those moments when perhaps we find ourselves a little less present and happy, there are always bright and shining gems shining their light offering reflection along the way. As we expand the capacities of our heart and awaken our vision, we experience the joy and gifts of the present moment.

It’s my experience that we are part of a limitless, ever evolving Universe that synchronizes and harmonizes in beautiful ways. It can be a beautiful and gracious dance in every moment, if we choose it to be.

AliSun Trees

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  1. Wonderful expression of what you’re feeling through these new experiences. Being so spontaneous and accepting what happens at any given moment will only enhance the gifts you will receive in this incredible journey. I love and miss you both but am always uplifted by your stories.

    1. Thank You Karen for your loving reflections…So many wonderful things happen when we keep our ears and hearts open on the wind and receive each moment with joy, presence and gratitude…it is so wonderful to feel your presence upon our travels…hopefully our skype connection will work one day soon! Most likely in Vienna! 🙂

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