The Grand Bazaar…Istanbul, Turkey

THE GRAND BAZAAR, a sparkling gem, shines brightly below the shuffle of cars and taxis, trams and bustling streets, inviting a magical and mystical experience while invoking a powerful spell upon it’s beloved shoppers, welcoming all walks of life from around the globe.

Imagine this! 3,000 shops, among 61 covered streets, artfully created by the hands of the 15th Century. How does one leave untouched by the dazzling beauty here? THE GRAND BAZAAR, beating with a heartbeat of her own, spins and weaves a magical luminous web of turkish delight, naturally and spontaneously inspiring and awakening blissful and ecstatic visionary states, while perhaps initiating a momentary lapse of reason.

“Where are you from?” spills out from among the fanciful stalls. Greetings, an art form mastered and polished by the warm and gentle natured Turkish men selling their wares and precious gems, invites the traveller inside a unique shopping experience. Popping out from inside the inner sanctuaries, hidden among the hanging rugs, steps out a kind soul offering a cup of çai in one hand, while leading with the other hand to step inside. “Come see. You will like. I promise! “Well versed on the tricks and artistry of the trade, we rest in the comforts of “traveling light.”

“Traveling light is a wonderful thing, I express to Tyler. It makes our travels so much easier and less complicated in many ways.” These prophetic words, I spoke with such confidence just a few moments ago. And then by my surprise, Shazam! a spell is cast upon my naked soul smack dab in the middle of the Bazaar. First glance into the eyes and hearts of the turkish hanging lamps, I am looking directly into the eyes of the most magical mystical beings on the planet.


Completely mesmerized, my path before me led by the sparkling lights in the distance. I follow the lights, letting go of all space and time, and my awareness of everything else around me. Alison! Alison! Alison! Tyler calls to me. Where are you going? “To the lights.” I say.

Colorful and luminous patterns and rhythms spin a telling tale, right before my wandering eyes. Threads of light spill from stall to stall, twirling and whirling a reality, so vivid and real, my eyes painting and designing a shrine all in five minutes time. Starry eyed, I invoke, initiate and invite a magical temple for the inspired and creative 21st Century soul.

Feeling Tyler reeling me back into 3D reality, I respond all wild eyed, returning slowly
from the mystical dance beyond the veil. I turn to Tyler and offer, “We could always stay in Istanbul, since we’re “traveling light” and all. It would be far too heavy and way too costly to ship all the lights, rugs and pillows everywhere we go.


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  1. Ahhh, what a wonderland, far beyond the thrill of Disney. Ship ‘um back home here. I’ll save ‘um for you!!!

    MUCH love and mystique!!!


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