Owl and Bear will be migrating to the Ojai foothills…

Owl and Bear will be spreading their wings and migrating
north into the foothills of Ojai as the sun rises over the east this morning!

Tyler and I will be migrating to our friends’ beautiful home in the foothills of Ojai…We will be among trees, wifi (great wifi), and YES a kitchen! I plan to enjoy several nights being creative by the fireplace, and waking up to to a great big giant trampoline shaded by beautiful trees. AND we are both super excited about the great hiking trail that leads up into the mountains right outside the front door…hiking anyone?

Tyler and I returned from our travels over seas over a month and a half ago, where we have been enjoying a mountaintop retreat here on the east end of Ojai…each morning we wake up to the bliss filled sun kissed Topa Topa mountains, join in a community meditation (when we rise early enough), and have been enjoying several walks among this sacred land…Ojai is absolutely pristine in the winter time!

Tyler has been enjoying most of his days in Ventura at a great co-working space, “ConnectVentura,” working among kindred spirits in a hip and creative environment. A ping pong table just arrived at ConnectVentura this past week, so Tyler is quite happy about that! Great wifi, too! A great place to “hang out” and work for the digital nomad!

Being back in our home town nest of Ojai has been both grounding and rejuvinating.
I must say, the arrival felt a bit surreal.
It felt like stepping back in time…visiting an old dream
…while being sprinkled upon with a heavy dusting of Jetlag…WILD ride for this traveler!

Once the sleep lifted from my eyes, I fell in love with Ojai all over again.
There’s a special quality of peace knowing that among our beloved planet there is
a sliver of paradise carved with our very own names on it.
How beautifully reflected this was upon our returns back into our beloved Ojai community.

(a fun hike with Tyler’s mom, “mamacita,” in her neck of the woods.)

Our travels have been absolutely life enhancing!
I would say Tyler would agree with me, here. We are both natural travelers…
and we have both grown so much.

Travel is a wonderful life changing opportunity, as one releases old patterns and invites the old comfortable rhythms to wash away and cleanse ‘anew, simultaneously inviting in greater awareness, clarity and presence.

The days leading to and beyond the Winter Solstice and the celebrations of the endings/ beginnings of the Mayan Calendar, I took rest and retreat upon mother earth daily, listening to my natural rhythms, while affirming with Mother Earth, humanity, the Universe and Beyond my purpose for being here at this time on earth and taking full responsibility for my reality.

One of the greatest gifts of traveling over a long period of
time is the return, witnessing all the reflections rising to the surface with great clarity and precision. I am both humbled and beaming with gratitude to see and feel how much I have grown and am especially grateful for the opportunity to expand and stretch my wings even wider…as I open to even more freedom and liberation!

And who else to stand before us, the greatest reflectors of all…than those special and dear to our heart as our family, friends and communities?
For all of you, I am grateful. We are grateful…

Oh, thank you to Hip (Vegan Cafe) and Farmer and the Cook for the nourishing and healthy meals as we have been without a kitchen for quite some time.

We are ever so grateful for our dear friends at meditation mount for so graciously inviting us to be a part of their community as we have been joining together in morning meditations spreading love and light universally on the planet and throughout the Universe. And Of course, enjoying the simple joy of being together in community.

Tyler and I will be around Ojai for the next month and a half in Ojai. We are both looking forward to sharing quality time with all of you, while soaking in the love with all our dear friends and family before we embark, again, for more adventures beyond the Ojai nest.

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  1. Does this make me famous now?? 🙂 Thank you for including me in your wonderful Home-coming experience! Ojai is blessed to have you two!
    I love you.

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