GRATITUDE…for a life well lived and traveled.

There are several blog posts on their way, however there is one that feels most important to kick off the next cycle of our journey…and what better timing than the Full Moon, which happens to be today…Today, March 25th is the Lunar Eclipse (the first of three) and a FULL MOON in SCORPIO, the sign of TRANSFORMATION & REBIRTH. Here is a link for those interested in learning more about the planetary energies and alignment that are happening right now. This is taken from one of my most favorite websites,


This blog post is in honor of the nature of our travels shared with gratitude for which we feel of this dream becoming a reality…It has been a beautiful journey sharing with all of you the wonder of our travels…and we so appreciate your presence on our adventures and in our lives so very much…

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People ask us all the time, “How on earth do you live and travel all around the world?” How do you take the time off? “Well”, we tell them…the simple answer is, we we don’t take the time off.” What appears like a vacation to some, is a lifestyle choice for us. People’s ears perk up when Tyler shares about his ability to work full time on the road, with the support of good wifi…”You are my hero,” they say.

The conversation usually stops at that, leaving the person with a big grin on their face, their minds doing flip flops, as they think to themselves “How can I possibly do that?” followed with, ” I want to do that, too!” “You are so lucky, you can do that.”

I witness this scenario happening over and over again. So after a year and a half of our new lifestyle, I can’t help but to be inspired to reflect on the bigger picture here and the nature of how this all came to being.

The story of how it came to be, was years and years of dreaming, creating, nourishing relationships, refining, working many hours on our creative paths and shaping our lives in new ways…

We also continually saw things in a new light. Once we took off some of the old blinders, letting go of limitations and perceptions of how we saw the world and the ways in which it has been shaped, molded and created into form forms of societies and cultures, we started to see new ways of being in the world. We started to learn more creative ways to be with systems, not against it, not for it, but with it. And in some ways, beyond it. We started to truly honor our unique paths and see how we could be in the world in a much more spacious way.

We cleansed and reorganized the imprints of our old worn out patterns deeply etched in our beings, and then came out the other side looking at life with a refreshed sense of being. This did not happen over night, nor has it been completed. After all Life is a work in progress, yes?

Once we started to see things anew, we then started to envision what our lives could look like. We started to have conversations about, how can we travel and do our work in the world and be supported financially? What inspires us? What makes us both happy, creative and at the same time feeling honoring all our relationships and families/communities.

And and then we created it! It’s as simple as that.

In fact, we are continually creating and weaving new ways along the path that fully support our unique ways. We both have our own dreams, visions and ways of being in relationship with life, humanity, the planet and the universe. The beauty of it all, is that our dreams are complimentary in many ways and different enough in others offering new ways that continually help us to grow and expand, while offering new opportunities that are way beyond what we thought to be our wildest dreams. AND then in those moments, (and yes, there are those moments) when things feel a little “too comfortable”, or perhaps stagnant, we come together and dream a new vision.

You see, once we stepped out of the way of defining our lives based on what we thought was the “good life” or “how could our lives possibly get much better than this?” because let’s face it, WOW! We have lived a wonderful life for long time now.

Once we became more creative and in charge of how we choose to create our lives, personally, as a couple and among our communities, locally and globally, doors of opportunity began to spring open spontaneously, each time with less and less effort. It is profound the invitations we receive along our travels!

So coming full circle to GRATITUDE of which this post is in honor of today on this beautiful Full Moon, I just want to honor all the beautiful and unique ways that we all choose to create and inspire our dreams on this beautiful planet…After all, all paths are beautiful in their own unique ways!

world peace and love,

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