Autumn in Kyoto, Japan

KYOTO, in early autumn, inspires quiet moments of meditation and reflection here in the transition of the changing leaves. Two weeks from now, the city will shimmer and sparkle with golden hues of reds and oranges from the tips of the mountaintops all the way down into the bustling city streets.

A buzz is afoot in this beautiful city. The pulse is gracious, gentle and vibrantly rich. A harmonious flow winds it’s way all throughout the city. A city of many heartbeats, naturally meet and blend together for a well intentioned dance.

It feels if we have been invited for the dress rehearsal, as the city makes its final preparation for the season of the changing leaves. Many festivals, ceremonies and celebrations highlight the calendar in these coming days.

Hints of reddened leaves glow from the tips of the branches of the trees. The air is crisp, inspiring each and every leaf to perk up, listening for it’s cue and divine timing to curl and blossom into gorgeous sun kissed reflections. As the leaves of the trees transmute and transform into its new shapes and forms, so do the people. Everyone is touched by the season of the changing leaves. Nothing stays the same. Everything changes form. Kyoto is a wonderful model for that.

Kyoto is a special place. The most gracious of hosts of all our travels, we have found. Love and intention are felt in every aspect of life in Kyoto. Sure, at times, a giggle is made towards the Americans delicately making an attempt in refining their own interpretation of the Japanese language.

It’s the simple moments in life that touches the heart of a traveling soul. How truly magical it feels to be met with a smile or gentle nod as we say “konichiwa” (hello) and to be received with a heartfelt smile and enthusiastic konichiwa in return.

Kyoto is a special place to be any time of year. We hear spring is a sight to see and feel. The city is famous for it’s springtime cherry blossoms, naturally setting the stage for a time of renewal and celebration. The locals are known to celebrate by dressing in cherry blossom colors during the season and encourage their special guests to join them, as well.


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