The Indigenous parade rocks San Miguel!

PHOTO POST from San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico…

Indigenous tribes travel from far and near to celebrate San Miguel Day…
A truly vibrant, colorful and heart expansive gathering it was, weaving together and celebrating the bountiful blessings upon Mother Earth.


September was a month full of celebrations here in San Miguel…Independencía, San Miguel Day…Fireworks EVERY morning, day and night…colorful parades…gatherings in the Jardin…you name it! Everything is celebrated to the fullest here…and how about that one serendipitous night when the fireworks naturally synchronized with the lightning storm?…spontaneously lighting up the sky with magic and wonder! KABOOM!


October is proving to be quite eventful, as well…the SUN is shining with a crispness in the air. The spirit of Dio de los muertos (“the day of the dead”) is stirring it up in the ethers…Autumn, the bountiful harvest time, is absolutely stunning here in Mexico.

New adventures on the horizon…soon we will be visiting the mystical land and Aztec temples of Tepotzlán…then traveling on to honor and celebrate Dio de los muertos “day of the dead” in Oaxaca…stay tuned in for more adventures to come…We feel blessed and grateful for your presence upon our travels. 🙂 It wouldn’t be the same without you all!