Transported in the mystical land of the feathered serpent, Quetzaalcoatl.

Two bright and brilliant yellow taxis appear at the front gate of our beloved community here in Tepotzlán.

We jump in. Among us are traveling nomads, two artists, an astrologer, half a handful of healers, and a poet extraordinaire. Today, we are off to the sacred land of Amatlán, one mountain town over from Tepotzlán, where we have been hearing the stories and mythical tales of this powerful and mystical land. “It’s to die for” our host describes…“You will see.”

The taxis drop us off at the center of town. Smiles of relief and a burst of laughter arise among us as we spot Gabriela running down the hill with her dog “Super Pulgo” in tow. They are running a bit late…That’s ok, though. For they are soon to be the hit of the picnic! 🙂


In the center of town stands a statue of Quetzaalcoatl,

the feathered serpent mythical God. It’s body pokes out from among the trees. I catch Quetzaalcoatl’s watchful eye. I receive it as a sign of a transformative journey ahead.

Gretchen spots a reflective art piece on the dusty road. She picks up the two broken pieces, naturally forming the image of a bus. Acknowledging that each piece along the way is a symbol upon our adventure, Gretchen wraps the bus in a cloth and and carefully places it in her bag, caring for it as one would care for a sacred ceremonial piece.

Together, we walk along the road towards the canyon,

sharing stories and laughter. Beautiful bonds are forming among this enchanted land. We pause at one of the guardian trees to reflect on our intentions as we offer blessings asking permission to enter among this most sacred valley.

The SUN kissed trail is alive with extraordinary beauty,

lush nature and guardian spirits in the form of spirit rocks and luminous trees marking our path. We are greeted by vibrant butterfly’s, blossoming wildflowers, a beautiful copal tree and one EXTREMELY large, soft and juicy cow patty that I so carelessly step into as I gaze up into the stars. “You are lucky, I hear one of our kindred spirits say. It’s a sign of the prosperity coming into your life.” I smile and wear the poop prize with humility as we travel on our way.


We enter the land of the ancient ceremonial space

where Temazcal (sweatlodge) ceremonies are held. The natives, as well as the Lakota, have been coming to the land to purify and pray for a long long time. A tree in the meadow invites us to come closer, inspiring visions and connection. A cow skull rests lightly against the tree in the central ceremonial space. Beyond the grove of trees, a vista rests high above the canyon floor. A dragon is believed to stand here as the guardian of the gateway (portal). “If you look closely, you may just see the dragon,” offers Raul. I take a moment to rest my bones on the rock perched high over the edge of the cliff as I tune in and listen for any stirrings of the dragon.

Deep winding branches and roots guide and stretch down to the canyon floor. We pause, reflect and meditate by the ancient mystical caves for a few timeless moments. Just around the bend, the waterfall is awaiting our arrival and nightfall will soon be upon us.

Sensations awaken the closer we reach the dank, earthy canyon floor. A bright light appears standing tall and luminous in form, glowing like a precious jewel among the deep canyon wall and the ancient roots of the trees. Her touch draws us close and near as we enter her inner circle.

In a flash, an altar forms around the sacred tree with flower blessings offered by Laura, Gabriella and Gretchen. Nigel, Tyler, Raul and I join the circle, holding hands and gathering around the ceremonial rock. The ceremonial art piece in the form of a bus compliments the altar with its mysterious presence.

“WE ARE HERE, WE HAVE ARRIVED. OUR HEARTS ARE FILLED WITH GRATITUDE.” These are just some of the words spoken among the circle. A beautiful inspired moment, it is!


As clothing and shoes are shed among the rocks and roots

of the tree, each courageous soul enters into the deep mysterious waters in his and her divine timing. The water is chilling, yet a warm presence supports the illuminated space.

Entering slowly and carefully I place my right foot upon a friendly rock poking out of the water kindly supporting my balance. My left foot follows, as I listen for the next step to follow. Stretching my arms forward and leaning down, I much resemble a monkey in form and spirit.

I make my way slowly at first and then courageously take the plunge with one full breath. The chilly waters inspires me to quickly come up for air. I focus on my breath, slow and steady, naturally regulating the temperature of my body. I let out a deep and voluminous sound in the air. Deeply transported, visions awaken and surface. Swimming out towards the center of the waterfall, I feel the source from which all flows. I support myself with the rock below my foot. Head titled slightly back, my arms outstretched to the stars, I receive the blessings from the waters. I feel energy spiraling and entering the top of my crown, my third eye, spontaneously cleansing my pituitary gland while awakening all my senses from head to toe.

Among the circle, the strength and power of our intentions

and prayers are palpable to the touch, sending out ripples of love and light thousand fold beyond the veil, throughout the planet, the universe(s) and beyond….beyond…beyond!!!



feasting on caprese, veggie sandwiches, yellow squash, pine nuts and sasparila. Gifts from the GOD(DESSES)!


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