Shooting stars flashing lights and flying bugs inspire. Sedona


Shooting stars, flashing lights in the sky and a big giant luminescent black bug flying in through the car window eventually crawling up my skirt were the start to a great adventure. Always an initiation of sorts among these powerful places on Earth! Bees buzz close to my ear all the time which I graciously welcome, however when a big bug crawls up your skirt, what do you do? Jump out of the car without stirring the pot (too much) and very carefully strip down all your clothes below the waist. Right there on the side of the road! 🙂

Entering Sedona on the eve of the Solar eclipse, amidst the solar alignment of the Spring Equinox, has inspired a beautiful adventure, thus far! How inspiring it is to be among our Red Rock friends, once again!


Our Sedona adventure kicked off with Tyler’s mother, “mamacita” joining us for a fun filled magical weekend in celebration of her 70th birthday! How much fun did we have? Tonzzzzzzzzzzz. Right, mamacita? 🙂 “Unc,” our Uncle Jim, (he introduces us as his neph and neice everywhere we go) lives here in Sedona. He offers a cosmic delight to the journey! A shooting star, launched “Unc” and I in a spontaneous spiral dance squealing and jumping, as the Pleadian collective sparkled and giggled about with delight!

We have much to be thankful for upon our journey. Healthy, happy and in our creative flow, we welcome the open road, once again. We are still glowing from head to toe from our time with all our beautiful family and friends in So Cal. Always a blessing. Reunited, once again, with our dear “Barnyard tribe” (Venice Beach) in celebration of Kim’s (Tyler’s sis/sis-in-love) 28th+12 birthday bash was just the icing on the cake!

Sedona truly is a magical and awe-inspiring place. Stay tuned for more adventures…excited to see what all inspires!


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