Walking Boston & Cambridge

We arrive late, just shy of one in the morning. Bags on the carousel, expensive taxi to the hotel, easy check-in, lovely room.

We have the whole next day to explore before meeting up with Bosco and his bride Allison for dinner. We take in the sights, dodge hordes of tourists and opt to take the subway over to Cambridge, where it’s graduation weekend at Harvard.

Some photos of Boston below…

A fantastic outdoor bookstore…

Some delightful weirdos in Boston Commons…

Taking the subway over to Cambridge, opting not to participate in the trial…

A wonderful old cemetery, deserted save for us and the residents…

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  1. I love Boston! I went last in the fall during the Head of the Charles Regatta (rowing) and it was so beautiful, the river is lovely. My favorite memeortmwas a walking tour with a guide dressed in costume… I’m always a big fan of walking tours.

    Oh and the cemeteries as you’ve already found. Looks like your having a wonderful time and look forward to hearing more.

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      Thanks, JB! Currently in the one and only Woodstock, NY. Fighting our way through hordes of tourists, and yet the town still has some charm and a fun vibe. Amazing houses for a third of the price of California real estate, if you’re ok trading earthquakes for sleet and snow.

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      Hi Linda – Not sure! Guessing they tarp it all up. They must have a system – it rains all the freaking time. Seriously, if we could get 10% of the water they do, I’m sure our drought would be a thing of the past. And covering up an outdoor bookstore would be a good problem to have.

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