CSA – Week 3

Week 3 begins, nice to settle into a routine full of fresh vegetables. The big news from Green Valley Community Farm is the addition of Moonfruit Mushroom Farm to the group of vendors that will be selling on pick-up days. Hoping that there are still fresh shiitake for purchase by the time we arrive on Tuesday afternoon.

The Newsletter


This Week’s Harvest

Bunched Carrots, Fresh Lorz Softneck Garlic, Scallions, French Breakfast Radishes, Hakurei Turnips, Curly Kale, Rainbow Chard, Summer Squash, Arugula, Mustard Mix, Spinach, Purslane, Rosaine Red Little Gems, Rouxai Oakleaf Lettuce


Albion Strawberries, and all the herbs from last week with the addition of fresh dill.  We’ll also pick our allotted two pints of Sugar Snap Peas.


Fresh-from-the-farm Carrots are SO much better than anything you buy at the store. Looking forward to more greens, and working in purslane. Having bought purslane at the Occidental Farmers Market in the past, I know it’s not AliSun’s favorite, so I’ll see what I can do to integrate it, as it is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids.

Recipes bookmarked: Purslane Chimichurri, Purslane and Avocado Tacos with Pico de Gallo, Tres Recetas Mexicanas con Verdolagas

Harvest Time!

Beautiful day out at the farm. Met Corey from the Moon Fruit Mushroom Farm and purchased 1/2 a pound of super-fresh shiitakes. Also picked up a California Pain from Revolution Bread and a couple ice-cold Gravenstein apple juices from Green Valley Marketplace.

What’s Cooking

I’ve been busy integrating fresh vegetables into everything. Tamales stuffed with Summer Squash, Arugula, Lorz Softneck Garlic and Scallions. Spanish Rice with Summer Squash. Sprouted pinto beans with Garlic and Kombu. Mustard Mix salad with the last of the week’s Albion Strawberries, along with Radishes, Carrots and toasted pepitas.

Some wild salmon (steamed in the Instant Pot with fresh Dill and Parsley), accompanied by Dino Kale, Carrots and Shiitakes.

As the week wraps up, we’ve gone through just about everything but have wanted for nothing. A little less of some things next week. A little more of others. Grateful for the bounty.

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