Sweeping the Temple, clearing for flight…

Tucked away on an avocado orchard, or as some of us lovingly refer to as “the multi dimensional playground”, I sift, organize, cleanse, release and refine the details of my life. Gradually and with perseverance, I dust off my wings to take flight, as I sweep the temple and clear the energetic planes.

In less than 6 weeks away, Tyler and I will be exchanging our cozy nest in Ojai for several soon to be cozy nests around the world. From Panama to Mexico to Europe and Beyond…Many years in the making, this adventure is becoming a reality. It is really happening. We are really here. How wonderful that it is all opening so naturally and spontaneously AND oh, how it feels like its happening at lightning speed! 

And in this lightning speed reality, I take time to breathe, rest and give thanks for all the wonderful and creative openings that are being awakened in each moment. How true it is that “time is relative”, for how I choose to relate with time and space is absolutely free of limitations.

One of the greatest gifts of being fully present with the time and spaciousness of this experience is the opportunity to lighten the load and be on the road to travelling light. Well, I am not exactly “traveling light” with an art studio full of paintings, as they will still very much hold a physical and energetic presence here on the earth plane. However, it is an amazing opportunity to touch every physical detail with such refinement that the choice to carry the energy into my new life is at the pulse of my fingertips, at each and every moment.

Books, paintings, art supplies, photos, greeting cards, colorful and brilliant gems of various nature…all those pens I could never find when I needed one…WOW! Once hidden, now donated or organized nicely into boxes and spaces.

Lighter and more expansive with each breathe, I feel my roots, my relationship with Mother Earth, the Universe, listening, expanding and honoring my authentic rhythm. As my wings begin to open….not too fast, not too slow…

I listen….breathe….feel…..nourish….and refine my whole being. Oh, and how simply natural and and fun it is!

AliSun Trees


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