Wherever I’ll Be, I’ll Be Here

In a matter of seconds, I can think of ten friends who can work from basically anywhere. At any one moment, they might be in touch from Starbucks or Whole Foods or a client’s office or sitting in their car. Got wifi, y’know?

Of course there’s nothing monumental about mentioning to a client that you are popping into a coffee house to get a little work done before a meeting. However, mention that you will be in Bocas Del Toro getting a little work done before popping into the ocean for a swim raises red flags and alarm bells left and right.

“What happens when you leave?”
“What do we do when you are gone?”
“Who is going to help me when you disappear?”
“What I do now that you aren’t working?

It’s a sad, sad fact of life that I still have to work for a living, yes. I have every intention, and a long list of actions, to ensure that I serve my clients and my businesses well. From that standpoint, I’m not leaving, going, disappearing or not working at all. I’m just going a little farther than the closest Starbucks.

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