Island life

20120229-191353.jpgA brightly colored hammock awaits me, as I sink into the evening energy here on the island off of bocas del toro, Panama. Tyler and I are enjoying some creative time on the veranda as Feather and Warrio prepare our dinner of chicken stew, coconut rice and beans. I feel refreshed after a rejuvenating shower and enjoying a peaceful day in town learning the best places to shop for food, visiting with the island peoples and running errands with Tyler, Feather and her baby boy, Katumbelo, Belo for short.

We are sinking in nicely with island life. The flow and rhythm of daily life here is so very natural and relaxing. It feels so wonderful to be here. Tomorrow we take a boat ride out to the Preserve, where Feather works, which is about a 40 minute boat ride. I will be sure to take my camera so that I can share the experience with all of you.

Warrio steps out to the veranda and offers Tyler and I both a piece of fresh coconut.Yum! thanks Warrior. Life is good…Sounds of reggae fills the air, along with singing green parrots and colorful hummingbirds buzzing by…no visiting boa constrictors so far tonight. Apparently it is rare for boas to show up here. Quite the greeting bestowed upon us yesterday, following our arrival.

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