The call of the forest…Boquete, Panama

The nature spirits swirling around in my cup of cafe mocha, one sunny blissful afternoon, in the middle of a jungle, on Bastimentos Island, invoked a magical spell upon me. While enjoying chocolate truffles and stimulating conversations with friends, I felt the first call of the cloud rainforest of Boquete.

Arriving by boat to the main island, on our way to Boquete, “The Valley of Flowers,” our new friend Oscar is there to meet us. Oscar is an outdoor adventure guide and has been highly recommended by Heather as our driver. Tyler and I along with three fellow travelers ride up the mountain in style in a comfortable spacious van. Curvy roads and gorgeous views abound, we pass through villages and homes of the Indigenous people’s.

Boquete greets us with a warm embrace and a double rainbow. It is a sunny and misty afternoon. Oscar drops us off at our destination as we prepare to check into our suite at the Isle Verde.

Our new nest greets us with open arms. We have an upstairs suite, with a balcony view and two spacious rooms. It is heavenly. The bedroom is built as a sacred temple, with simple yet elegant decorations, and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

In the night, I hear the call of the forest. The gateway to the mountains lie directly beyond the walls of the temple. The winds dance through the valley. Through the mighty winds, I feel the sweet and graceful presence of the nature spirits speaking, inviting me deeper into their world.

Walking throughout town, my eyes dance with delight as various colors of the rainbow light up the streets graced by the presence of the Ngobe-Bugle indigenous women wearing their traditional dresses. It truly is a sight to see!

Rainbows stretch beyond the sky, illuminating magic upon the valley. The mountains call to us daily inviting our presence to climb a little bit higher. Each day meets us with a new adventure. The trek is a steady, graceful journey up the mountain, filled with hidden gems around every corner.














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