The Rainforests are the lungs of the planet.

20120302-213530.jpg“The rainforests are the lungs of the planet”, says my dear friend, Heather Rose, so it it’s no surprise that you are experiencing a clearing in your lungs.” Yes, I add, I don’t feel sick, just a deep clearing, especially coming from such a dry climate for the past several years. Yesterday, I felt a subtle stagnation in my lungs, later to be revealed to me as a minor infection. This morning while preparing a healing tea that I brought from home, specifically supportive for the lungs, Heather offers me a local herbal tea, one that clears out any mucus in the body, extra effective in clearing from within the bowels, and throughout the whole body.

“Plants grown naturally and those that are indigenous to the land are the most beneficial,” adds Heather, as I happily accept a new plant ally into my family. “Thank you Plantain herbal tea, I say, I am happy to align with your healing gifts.”

Times of transition, such as moving and traveling around the world, can bring healing opportunities to the surface, spontaneously. Energetically, emotionally and spiritually the lungs are the center of our bodies where we have the greatest opportunity to heal grief and sadness while feeling and radiating complete happiness within. So, while plant allies are beneficial and supportive to the healing process, the greatest gift we can offer to ourselves is to open to what we are as unlimited and expansive beings on this planet and to heal completely from within.

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