Cluny Hill – Forres, Scotland

Today is our last day perched up here on Cluny Hill, a lovely gem shining in the town of Forres, Scotland, five miles from the village of Findhorn. We have been here for five days since we departed “The Caravan Park” last Saturday. We were generously offered alternate accommodations at Cluny, as our nest at “The Park” was to become home to a new set of guests that were on their way to Findhorn from all over the world to participate in “The Planetary Game” being held this week.

Cluny is a 99 room manor, dating back to about the 1840’s. It is an educational center for spiritual growth programs with opportunities to experience community living. Room accommodations are of a simple dorm room fashion. There is an amazing little library, a cyber lounge, a community room, a ballroom, a meditation sanctuary, sauna and much more. The Manor is surrounded by amazing gardens, a super green forest and several power spots that have been activated and mapped out in great detail by a group of Astroshamans. Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post dedicated to this.

The dining room is quite lavish, with ornate and stylish carpet, sparkling blue chairs, with wonderful views looking out towards a stunning golf course, with several gardens and beautiful trees all around. What a sight it is to see golfers out playing the holes with umbrellas attached to their bags, as they walk the course in the misty rain.

We are staying in the annex of Cluny on the second floor. Our room is quite small and quaint. The room has a sink and a double bed with a heater that works nicely. There are two bathrooms in our hallway shared with about 6 other hall mates. Everyone wakes up a bit earlier than us, so the timing is great for visiting the loo. For showers, we duck into the sauna room where there are two showers, side by side, each one the size of a telephone booth.

We enjoy daily adventures in and throughout the woods. Tyler enjoys his walk through the woods on his way to the cafe where they offer great wifi. I opt for the path high up into the trees, discovering luminous gems along the way. Trees and wifi and owl and bear are pretty happy…of course, I now have a few things more to add to the list. You know, like fresh clean water to drink and dark green vegetables, which we have happily enjoyed here in Findhorn.

There is so much to share about our Findhorn experience. It’s one of those special places that will continue to live on in our hearts and throughout our travels. Keep your eyes out for more posts about our travels here in Scotland as there is so much to offer from this experience.
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