Findhorn Adventure…

Findhorn is a wonderful, magical place on Earth. Rich with vegetation, flowers and trees that spread naturally for several miles by the sea, one cannot help but be intoxicated and altered by its beauty. What once was a land largely of sand dunes, is now an oasis, rich in soil, character and extraordinary beauty.

The Findhorn Foundation has created a full functioning all encompassing community and ecosystem, of which many call home and hundreds visit each year. The Findhorn Foundation are pioneers in sustainable spiritual communities, offering an array of spiritual workshops and permaculture education.

Each day we are delighted by healthy organic vegetarian meals, inspiring conversations among new friends, and extraordinary nature to enjoy and celebrate with in all directions.

Primarily, I spend my days visiting with the nature devas, picture taking, meditating in hobbit holes and deeply listening for the ways in which I can be most supportive on a planetary, humanitarian and universal level at this time.

At night I rest in the candlelight, enjoying the stillness, awakening my nocturnal vision, inspiring creative moments of expansion and growth within my whole being. I take to my dreams when the night sky calls me to my cozy nest with my beloved.











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