Belgrade, Serbia. Reflections…


Cyrillic letters cast a vibrantly rich old worldly glow, inviting travelers from distant lands searching for a hint of resemblance to ones spoken word, to unravel the mysteries of a language so uniquelly woven with the keys and codes of a modern world.

Language, an art form similar to the rhythms of music, art and dance is unique in nature. Patterns emerge, as awareness shifts, the past and future melting away revealing the present moment, initiating a seeing that awakens in the softening of the eyes and the letting go of the mind. It’s a fun art form to practice for this fun loving couple traveling through new and foreign lands.

Inside the culturally diverse city of Belgrade, Serbia, lies a city admidst a great transition. A city continually rebuilding itself since the war of World War II and the NATO bombings of 1999. Once fallen, now flourishing among the rolling stones of time, awakened by the hearts and hands of a culture filled with positivity and pride.

Today, locals dance to a modern beat, blending harmonies of the eastern and western worlds, everything from music, fashion, art and cuisine. Hip cafes and elegantly designed restaurants stretch across the city lights.

Trains and trolleys are a functioning tribute to the 70’s adorning an earthy two toned paint job with a gypsy feel. Peeled paint and cracked moldings, with electrical cords hanging in the rafters simply add to its charming character, inviting one to take a deeper look within. What may appear to be crumbling and falling apart on the outside is often bright and hip on the inside, here in Belgrade.

At times, when walking through the city, I feel places of discomfort within my body. I simply listen, following a trail of light leading me to the very imprint, revealing the patterns spoken through the stones and through the trees. A deeply engrained imprint of war dating back centuries past, appear in formations of sticky, grayish clouds woven tightly and securely in the form of a web, that rests firmly upon the crowns of the people, hidden behind the jewels and gems inlaid with pride.

At first, I so desperately wanted to pull out my magic wand, spontaneously clearing and sweeping away the dark luminous cloud formations from above. Now, I simply offer love, while witnessing the web unravelling, dissolving, naturally and spontaneously. I walk the streets meeting everyone with love and joy, reflecting beauty and mutuality in all who I meet. Where I once felt discomfort and pain, I now feel peace and love. I smile up towards the buildings with darkened edges, to the craggly cobbled steps below, smiling and reflecting beauty and love within every crack, crevice and imprint in the city until I feel the smile reflecting right back at me.

peace and love,
Ali Sun Trees

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  1. Love your writing Ali Sun Trees. . . .I can see it all through your eyes and feel the timelessness of it all—while caught in the world of time. With your deep sensitivity and knowing I bet you can stand still in any place in the world and get impressions of all that has gone on before . . . . you can see all the details of the present ever changing material form. . . .and sense beyond it.

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