ALOHA from the North Shore of Maui where magic
and aloha spirit blend together in a
dance of ancient alchemic bliss
revealing a magical world living and breathing
beyond all time and space.

Invites reflection and inspires a way of
living life in a very beautiful way.
So, when you visit
be sure to soak in some of
her cosmic rays
and her nourishing light
as it will for sure
enlighten your stay.

Morning until night, spirits dance and weave their magic
through the fronds of the coconut trees,
igniting, inspiring and stoking the cosmic fire
within, above, below and throughout.

Spirits lift as dreams awaken
becoming REALity.
Maui is a place where rainbows light
the way in very powerful ways.

A trip to Hana is a deeply magical,
whimsical and a heart centered journey.
However, that’s just the start.
To know her is to feel her,
as her pulse is a very powerful

What is so beautiful about Hana
is how she takes you by the hand
whisking you into
her magnificent world.

Inside the deep and expansive
mysterious bloodline
of our true ancestry,
she meets you there.

All you have to do is listen,
feel and trace the patterns
inside the womb
of her earthly abode.
For, she is there waiting for
you with candlelight
offering you a reflection
so beautifully of
who and what you truly are.

Oh how the waterfalls
trickle and flow,
guiding one
through an ultimate cosmic cleanse
Naturally and spontaneously
nourishing all the spirits
On this wild blue green earth.

Mama ocean is powerful here.
Yes, indeed!
She will teach you, shape you, form you,
spin you, and spit you out back into the world,
just as she will hold you, caress you,
cleanse and rejuvenate you
while inviting you inside the
her abundantly rich and colorful world.

So be aware,
And take care
as one step inside,
will most likely transform



May you be touched by the aloha
spirit and the beautiful pulse of
Mother Earth.

PHOTOS to follow soon…

Also, you can catch me
on Facebook at (ALISUN TREES) where I have been posting photos
more regularly…happy trails!


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    1. So happy to share, Suza…what a gift this beautiful life is…maui sure is a special place…Always nice to feel your presence…
      Mahalo (thank you)….
      On our way to Kauai on Saturday… 🙂

    1. Post

      Mahalo, (thank you) for the beautiful reflection, Neelu.
      How wonderful to feel your presence upon our travels…
      So happy we had the opportunity to spend
      Some time with you in San Francisco….
      Peace and Love…

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