What an AMAZING whirlwind SPIRITUAL ADVENTURE among the VALLEY OF THE MOON (Ojai)! This past weekend, in the wee hours of the NEW MOON, I arrive and step foot back upon the mainland soil to grieve and celebrate one of the most INFLUENTIAL and INSPIRING beings of my lifetime. GRATITUDE and LOVE is what I feel today as I open to a new day on this cool, tropical morning on Maui, Hawaii. Simply soaking in the LOVE and feeling a profound sense of deep appreciation with a FULL HEART, I rest in this beautiful and creative space.


Who knew that answering a “GODDESSES WANTED” flyer about 9 years ago would enrich and awaken the course of my life in the countless and unlimited ways that it has. Well of course it did, right? How grateful I am for my beautiful goddess sisters who inspired this most auspicious invitation to fall so graciously into my lap. The day I met BROOKS, I knew my life would be forever changed. And that it has.

BROOKS was not only a mentor and spiritual teacher to me, he was an ally, a partner and a friend. Soon after meeting Brooks, I was invited to care for him and his wife Alison’s new home on the East End of Ojai. Their home was a 5 acre property with an abundance of avocado trees. It was an absolute sanctuary. BROOKS referred to this land as the “multidimensional playground.” And oh Goddess, was it ever!

I, among a circle of dear sisters, accepted the responsibility of taking care of Brooks and Alison’s amazing Labradors, Booda and Coco in exchange for participating in Brooks’ three year school, called ART OF GOD. Brooks and Alison both traveled and taught spiritual classes all around the world, while we enjoyed loving up their most beloved doggies and taking care of their sanctuary and home. We were soon granted the title, The “Doggie Goddesses.” That, we loved!

Being on the land for as long as I was, I soon became “one of the family.” As did Tyler. After a few years of coming up to the land and staying a few nights a week, Tyler and I were invited to rent and live in the newly renovated guest house on the property where Brooks and Alison lived. We had the divine privilege of living in community with them when their beautiful son Rohan was midwifed and birthed upon the land. I have precious memories of holding Rohan in my arms as we walked among the trees, while singing him to sleep. I always looked forward to that day when Rohan would come knocking on our door…and that he did! Just soon before we moved to embark on our travels around the world.


To reunite with my beautiful family of Ojai and the greater ART OF GOD community again was ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL. To celebrate at one of the most pristine locations of Ojai, Meditation Mount, was BEYOND DIVINE. To open our hearts together, to shed our many tears, to laugh and howl as BROOKS graduated into his new life was INCREDIBLY SPECIAL and made it all so ABSOLUTELY REAL.

BROOKS has crossed over, his ashes have now danced among the winds, yet his spirit and presence will eternally be with us all…GRATITUDE


My greatest LOVE goes out to his dear wife, Alison, who I consider one of my closest of sisters, Brooks’ beautiful and beloved daughter Riven and her son Druien and Alison and Brooks’ son Rohan who I absolutely adore.

So WONDERFUL to see and be with all of you that joined together for the Memorial and Celebration of BROOKS, both physically and “in spirit”…Tears are still flowing…heart is opening to greater and greater depths with each and every breath…



YOU have NOW ABSOLUTELY GRADUATED BEYOND CONSIDERATION with flying colors!!!! A++++++++++++


WE all love you so very much BROOKS and always will! THANK you dear friend and teacher of MOTHER EARTH, THE UNIVERSE and BEYOND! May you spread your wings and FLY HOME FREE.


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