“So, what brings you to Reno?” Friends would ask.

“So why Reno?”…friends would ask us as we shared the itenarary of our travels…

I would answer… “Well, some of our most favorite people in the world live there.”

Famously known as being the “Biggest Little City in the World,” Reno rests in a valley below Lake Tahoe. Reno, a city of bright lights, casinos, dance clubs, hip little restaurants and cafés offers something fun for all walks of life. Reno has grown to be a down to earth and loveable city to many young professionals, families and cultural creatives over the years. The Truckee River flows through the center of town inviting fun for everyone, inspiring a restful place to simply be, hang out with family and friends or enjoy a tube down the river.

Reno’s progressive nature has created quite a stir and has inspired a resurgence with a creative flair. The buzz around town is that Reno is taking on a new reputation of being “The biggest little start up city in the world.” At least the poster in the bathroom at the hip coffee house, Hub Coffee Roasters, says so. 😉

While Reno is a creative little city with a buzz that’s not what essentially put Reno on the map for us. “It’s those very special people in our lives that drew us close and near.”


Many many moons ago, my oldest brother, Peter Parker, “Spidey” made Reno his home with his first wife, Darcy and their kids, Cade and Tessa. It’s hard to believe that our niece and nephew are teenagers now! Both happy and thriving in their creative worlds, they continue to inspire Uncle Tyler and I. My youngest sister Claire moved to Reno not too long after to be close to her big brother and to attend college there. Claire met Wes and soon after falling in love they married and started a family of their own. Today both my siblings are raising their families together in the same town, which is a rare treat in this day and age. Up above is a photo of my beautiful sister and I…(a selfie at the park by Spidey’s house…)

To add to the excitement, two years ago, Spidey and his new wife, our awesome sister-in-law, Heidi, married during the middle of the Reno-Tahoe Odyssey Relay Run. This is a relay race that spans 178 miles. The teams run through the woods of Tahoe overnight and circle back down by the river of Reno the following day, where the race completes.

Bummed to miss Spidey and Heidi’s BIG WEDDING DAY, I made sure that I caught a glimpse of the excitement on their Run Anniversary at the starters mark, capturing a moment of their shared marital bliss and mutual love for running.

Oh…and I must mention here that Heidi has a son Max, who I absolutely adore!

Here’s a photo of my big bro “Spidey” on the left before his race…Auntie ALISUN and Brooklyn relaxing on the hammock…Uncle Tyler throwing a football pass to Max and a photo of Spidey and Heidi before their big race…


This year there was an EXTRA SPECIAL reason for our visit. We met our niece, Brooklyn, for the very first time. Brooklyn was born on Christmas Day, while Tyler and I were in Thailand. Brooklyn’s contagious smile, elven ears and vibrant spirit, spontaneously lights up the room! She’s magical! And oh how sweet to witness her big sister, Bailey, being such a great sister and friend to her. Bailey loves her baby sister so much! Bailey is so much fun! She melts all our hearts with her charming personality and warm spirit. And oh, how she looks pretty in pink! And check out her sports car! 🙂

Our Beautiful nieces, BAILEY and BROOKLYN!


BELOW is a photo of Bailey, Brooklyn and I playing hide and go seek!


“Auntie Alison,” says Bailey, “Please don’t take Brooklyn with you when you leave tonight.” With a big smile and grinning from ear to ear, I say to Bailey, “Don’t worry Bailey, I would never take your sister from you.” Too cute! Priceless moment. 😉

Thank You Reno and to our amazing airbnb hosts! Loved our Reno nest. We will return. Thank You Claire for capturing some precious moments on camera with the family! Great visit!




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  1. How wonderful! We must have just missed you by a day or so. We were there too short of a time. They have the best dog park we’ve ever been to. Love you!

    1. Post

      Hi Erna, yep just missed each other…we have been in the Redwoods for about a week now! I love following your travels…You, Mike and the doggies are on an amazing adventure! Keep posting! 🙂

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