HAPPY FATHERS DAY from Cazadero…

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY everyone! 🙂

This blog post is dedicated to both of our DAD’S, Larry Parker and Stew Suchman. We are celebrating you both today from the coastal redwoods. Only second best to celebrating with you in person.

(left) Tyler and my Dad in Newport Beach (right) Tyler and his Dad in Baja, Mexico.

May you both enjoy doing what you most love to do today…Tyler and I are both so very grateful for your love, joy and shared enthusiasm for the paths we have taken in our lives. It’s a joy sharing our adventure with you both and, of course, with all of our dear loved ones!

A special thank you to you, DaD, for inspiring the artistry of capturing the light and spirit of all that I see, whether a flower, a reflection on the water, or a sunlit kiss on a glass mirrored window in a sunset moment. Thank You for sharing your most treasured gift. You have been an inspiration for us all! Thank You, Stew, my official father-in-law for your warm generosity, kind spirit and sharing of time and space with us both.

TODAY is a beautiful day here in Cazadero. The sun is shining. A light spirit on the winds gently brushes the tips of the redwood trees.


We have been here in the redwoods for two weeks now. We have made “home” in a sweet and delightful nest. It is an architectural treasure dialed in, in every way. “TREES and WIFI,” we often say when our friends and family ask us how we choose a place to live. That accurately describes this gem of a space and so much more!


Today, we will be celebrating Father’s Day with my youngest brother, Danny, and his beautiful wife Erin, and son, Quinn. Sol dog, too!

Erin is making Danny a special dinner to celebrate Father’s Day! What a treat for us, too! She is cooking up a Cuban meal consisting of deliciously marinated chicken, plantains, rice, beans and all! FUN!

We will all be raising our glasses for a toast, celebrating all you special Dad’s out there…sending extra special love to my brothers Danny and “Spidey”, and our brother-in-laws Clive and Wes on Father’s Day! 🙂

sweet moment with DANNY and his SUN, QUINN @ Cafe Aquatica!
imageDanny and Erin take us out for a wedding celebratory
lunch and wine tasting adventure.


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