A NEW MOON dance among the REDWOODS…

Here among this lovely nest in the redwoods, we weave and work, while soaking in these final magical moments with our dear friends of the forest…Bathed by the shadowy luminous glow of the NEW MOON, I honor the visions and dreams of these magical and mystical nights. As mercury begins to transition out of retrograde, and the wild winds settle, a relaxing and refreshing wave of energy bathes from crown to root with gentleness and grace.

Honoring the slower moments and stillness of the NEW MOON drawing near, I take a moment to reflect on the beauty and gratitude I feel for this journey of life. I feel grateful for all the beautiful and budding relationships in our lives among our families, friends and communities. How magical it is to dance this dance with all of you as ONE great big universal global family!


“Auntie Owl and Uncle Bear” have been busy bees visiting up and down the coast of California for the past few months upon returning overseas…it has been a lot of fun sharing time with everyone…and there are still so many more of you to hug in person before we head off to Mexico in early September.

The NEW MOON offers a friendly and inspiring nudge, naturally springing a new step forward into everything fresh and new!


Sending you all warm hugs from our nest to yours…Thanks again for tuning in and reading the adventures of owlandbear…more to come. Love you all. Enjoy!


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