Into the woods we go! ~ Pomo Canyon ~

An adventure into the forest with my brother Danny in Pomo Canyon…Sonoma Coast

Danny picks me up from our nest in Caz. AliSun, what do you want to do today, he asks?”…

“How about something relaxing, like an adventure in the woods!” Hint.hint.nudge.nudge.

“Let’s check out the Pomo Canyon Trail. I haven’t been there in a while,” Danny offers.

We drive down through the canyon, passing Austin Creek to the east following the road out towards the sunlit coast. At the fork in the road where the highway meets the coast, we make a turn inland towards the Pomo Canyon Trail. Tucked away on a road among a sun filled forest of wildflowers, we meet a friendly grove of redwood trees.


Instantly, I feel a special quality here among the land. A growing excitement fills the air.

Along Pomo Canyon, rests a campground that has been closed for the past few years offering a more wild and present adventure with our forest friends, today.

First foot step into the woods, I feel the pulse of the forest.

The nature spirits are so very alive, here! Fairies, elves and illuminated trails of ancient spirits that have walked this fertile earth naturally emit frequencies and vibrations from the barks and branches of the redwood trees.

My heart expands to meet the forest as I slow down the frequency of my thoughts, tuning into the vibrations of the here and now. I am taken by this bountiful, beautiful place! Fortunately for Danny and I, the forest is quiet with people today. Lucky, us! 🙂


The Pomo Canyon trail begins at the beginning of the campground and travels out along the coastline. Danny and I choose to take the alternate route following along the river bed and finding our own way up into the canyon.

Mountain Lions are known to be among these woods, so Danny lets our forest friends know we are here. Tap, tap, tap. With a friendly touch, Danny taps the fallen tree on the one track path offering a gracious heads up. The energy feels clear and expansive. We continue to meander up into the canyon climbing fallen trees walking among the ferns in a kind and delicate way. We stop to visit with the wildflowers. One being the beautiful, Trillium plant…She is pristine and beautiful. We meet her following her blooming time.

The pulse of the land is powerful.

I spin my body round and round in a circle, while looking up towards the treetops. I stop. I come to center, feeling my feet touch the earth in a much more powerful way.“I could stay here in the forest forever, I say out loud to Danny. It’s so magical here. The nature spirits are so alive. I feel so alive, here.”


*LOVE OFFERING: As we tune into the natural frequencies and vibrations within and all around us, we feel how we are the luminous web that connects us all. When we allow the thoughts in our minds to slow down, and give ourselves permission to flow and move forward at our natural pace, everything opens naturally and spontaneously. This, we can do at anytime, anywhere and everywhere. One must not need go into the forest to have this experience of harmony and unity. I must say, though, it is quite nice!


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