El Corazón…San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

A life long DREAM initially stirred and cultivated

in the sanctuary of my heart many moons ago, now finds me in the heart of Mexico on this powerful SUPERMOON. Tyler and I arrived here in the beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende just under a week ago. While San Miguel is known for its turista friendly city, filled with expats and travelers, the heartbeat of the Mexican culture is very much alive and vibrant, here.

As I sit and write to you from the hip organic cafe and market, Via Organica, I feel a smile bubbling from the outer corners of my lips, stirring a passion in my heart. Reflecting on the initial planting for this abundant harvest once set in the stars decades ago, I bring my awareness now to the momnet of which it all birthed.


Gazing softly out the window of the organic café, I focus my intent and awareness between the luminous portal of the space. Sunlight cascades through the ominous grey clouds above. A vision takes me back to when a potent seed was planted, inspiring my worldly adventures beyond my childhood home, The City Of Angels.

In the vision, a mysterious and radiant woman greets me with a sparkle in her eye. Her presence and familiarity brings me presently into the space where we first met. Just like yesterday, here we are together again on that beautiful and sunny summer day where we first met.

Standing by the doorway to her private room in our Los Angeles home, I peek in and graciously await her invitation to enter inside her colorful world. A woman, who’s name has escaped me now, as it has been many many years, graciously invites me in. She taps her hand on the edge of her bed, inviting me to come closer. Her nature is kind and loving, naturally radiating a tenderness in her heart.

She lifts her hands to her heart as a sign of love and respect as we begin our journey together. I do the same as an offering of respect. The space softens as we both relax. All smiles, we start to converse. Together we combine 1/4 part English, 1/4 part Spanish, 1/4 part Spanglish sprinkled in with hand gestures, eye contact and lots of laughter. And for the main ingredient. That is easy. LOVE. It is just as simple as that to communicate with each other.


As our love brightens the space, our worlds meet and join closer together, dissolving any walls between us. The brightly sewn colors and patterns of her clothes draws me in to the world from which she came from.

Clutched within the palms of her hands are photos of her children. Tears begin to well up in her eyes. I can see that her whole world is resting in her hands. Her heart wide open, with tears flowing, she shares with great emotion about her life journey. Why she chose to leave her children and family behind and how she prays to see them soon. “It’s all for a better life for my children,” she would say. In her eyes, I see and feel her pain, her sacrifice, her devotion and love for her family. I also see a land, a culture, and a love so strong where borders only exist as an illusion.




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