Luminessence Farm – a plant spirit oasis

It’s a rainy day on the island, however, we are determined to make our way out for another adventure. Heather makes a spontaneous call to a friend who has a beautiful farm on an island close by. He graciously invites us over to the land. Thirty minutes later, we are at Rancho Bull, our boat landing, where we will meet our boat taxi that will take us across the sea to the island of Bastimentos. We are on our way to visit the enchanted Luminessence Farm.

The boat taxi picks us up and through the waves we go. I love the boat rides as they are always a great adventure. Some rides are choppy, as others are graceful and smooth.

Here we are. We have arrived. We step off the boat and walk down the dock. We are greeted by the native children as they are playing and enjoying the day. We reach a beautifully designed metal gate adorned with a symbol of a lotus flower. We enter the pearly gates through an opening to a world so alive with natural beauty.

We are on the way to meet Bruce Hill, a plant spirit master, who has lived with the land for 10 years. When he first arrived, the land was mostly clear of plant life. With his magical hands and divinely inspired call to create and cultivate, he awakens the natural beauty of the land daily.

Alive with plant spirits and refreshing raindrops falling from the sky and trees,
We breath in and soak up the extraordinary beauty through all the cells of our beings.



















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  1. Hi there!
    We are traveling to Bocas Del Toro Archepelago in 1 day and have been recommended to meet Bruce Hill. We were searching the internet to find his contact or his website. We see you have visited there! Do you happen to have any contact info for him? Would you be so kind as to send it along to us?
    We are traveling there to look at a farm to possibly live there, so meeting him seems of great use. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi there – thanks for getting in touch. We have forwarded your note to a friend. She’ll be in touch directly if she knows Bruce. Hope you enjoy Bocas!

  2. Do you have the contact phone or email for Bruce Hill on Isla Bastimentos? We will be in Bocas del Toro 8/16-23. Thank you.

    1. Im traveling to Bocas next month and Im really eager to meet and learn from Bruce Hill .
      If you could past on his contact info it would be greatly appreciated ,Thank you .

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