Off to see the wizard…

Boots in hand and our minds on chocolate truffles, we make our way towards Wizard Beach. On the way, we come upon Warrio’s grandmothers house where we enjoy a short visit together. Warrio’s dog comes out to greet us. The land behind his grandparents home, a gift from his grandfather upon his passing, now belongs to Warrio. One day, Warrio, Heather and Belo will build a home here for their new family to live upon. The land is abundant with fruit trees and medicinal plants, with amazing views of the ocean below.

A few feet away, “Coconut Trail” greets us to carry us to the beloved chocolate farm on the way to Wizard Beach. Up the trail we go! Bouncing off coconut shells, we make our way through the jungle. Beautiful butterflies and poison dart frogs, fungi and wild fruits adorn the trail, with amazing views of the beaches below.

Alas, we reach the enchanted garden where we will be met with stimulating conversation and delectable treats. The chocolate farm and cafe, named “Up In The Hill” is owned by a sweet family of five. In addition to chocolate truffles, they make blends of coconut oil and lip balms. It truly is a magical and inspiring place to be.

Sloshing through mud, with chocolate truffles and coffee mochas in our bellies, we share stories all the way down the trail on the way to the beach. Heather and Warrio teach us about the indigenous plants and fruit trees along the way.

We pass an indigenous family through the jungle at the opening to the beach. I stop to snap a photo without being too invasive. Passing through the trees, we begin to see glimpses of the famous Wizard Beach. It truly is extraordinary, and on this particular day Mother Ocean is quite wild!

We find a nice cozy spot for us all to set down our things and splash around like dolphins in the mighty mama sea.

After hours of playing on the beach, we head back up the trail to complete our adventure at “Roots” where Rasta John greets us with a big smile and guitar in hand.













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