A snorkeling adventure…in Loreto Bay.

A light wind dances gracefully upon the surface of the sea singing sweet melodies. I listen intently on the winds…

Just returning from the cafe with Tyler, I suddenly feel inspired to have myself a little adventure. I gather the snorkeling gear, reef booties and towel, and head out to the ocean. Through the courtyard and out the cobble stoned path, I pass by the colorful homes of Loreto Bay. Walking along, at an inspired pace, I notice the beautiful thatched umbrellas peeking out from the corner of my eye, revealing the sparkling azul sea ahead. A surge of creative energy begins to pulsate throughout my body as my feet bring me one step closer to the sandy beach.

Stepping out onto the beach, I find a spot close by the reef to lay my things down. As I look around, I notice that I am the only person on the beach at this time. Wow! what a wonderful opportunity for an intimate dance with the sea on this quiet afternoon. I lay down my towel and walk out to the water.

As I put on my booties in the shallow waters, I begin to feel the gentle pulse of the ocean. The water feels slightly warmer today with a mild wind caressing the tops of the sea. I gently make my way in, lightly skimming the bottom of the ocean with my feet, so as to kindly let my new stingray friends know that I am passing by. Wading through the shallow waters out to the deeper sea, I come closer to taking the plunge into the ocean.

Ready, go! Under the water I dive, feeling that first rush of coolness upon my skin. My heart leaps an extra beat, acclimating to the water. I dive backwards three more times to warm my body and to regulate my temperature to a happy degree. The coolness of the water naturally feels warmer now as I move around and swim towards the reefs.

With mask and snorkel fastened, I swim alongside the reefs, meeting several schools of fish, mainly of the “yellow sun-shine striped clan.” A hint of electric blues and greens sparkle with luminosity upon their yellow striped bodies. Moved by their gracious flow, I feel more relaxed while experiencing a new rhythm emerging. Spontaneously, I feel a greater expansion in my lungs, as I naturally slow down my breath, inviting the snorkel to show me the way. My breath softens, with each inhalation and exhalation, inviting a more natural flow. My mind quiets down too, becoming more clear and creative in the present moment. I start to feel the heartbeat of mama ocean, feeling in tune with the sea life, while experiencing deep relaxation.

Enjoying the subtle pulse and vibration of the sea, my relationship with the sea awakens in new subtler ways. The stillness here is incredibly uplifting and relaxing. I continue to explore the life in and around the reefs, as I become one with the sea. Below me, I spot a stingray gliding several feet underneath. We catch a glimpse of each other in passing. I feel my heart start to beat a little faster as I notice my breath change at a slightly more rapid pace. I take a deep inner breath, feeling peaceful within, and enjoying its presence.

Enjoying several more breaths here and inspired by the life of the colorful sea all around me, I begin to feel a gravitational pull back towards the beach. Noticing that I am starting to get pretty far out to sea, with no other people in sight, I begin to feel it’s time to come to shore.

I express my gratitude to Mama Ocean as I make my way to the beach, snorkeling along the way, feeling peaceful, rejuvenated and highly creative!

Here are some photos from my morning walk…








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