Parrotfish Ceviche

The produce store had fresh parrotfish. The fatty, white fillet gave no hint as to the colorful exterior of its living brethren. Proprietor Ulises says that parrotfish is highly in demand and always sells out. I ask how he prepares it. One word: ceviche.

I’m down with that. It’s time I made ceviche. I’ve grown to enjoy ceviche quite a bit; the last time I indulged was in Boquete, Panama.

What’s that? You aren’t familiar with ceviche?

At its essence, ceviche is raw fish cooked with the acid from the citrus and salt. Placing raw fish in lime or lemon juice will actually cook the fish, resulting in a soft, tart, buttery bite that tastes like a leap of faith.

My ingredients: fresh parrotfish, limes, an orange, a tomato, red onion, serrano chile.

The ingredients prepped. The fish then gets cut into bite-sized pieces to more evenly “cook”.

Combining the ingredients, refining the flavor with sea salt, cracked pepper, a pinch of sugar, a bit of grapeseed oil.

Two hours in the fridge, it worked!

Ali Sun gives it a nibble. I also saute the rest of the parrotfish fillet (coated lightly in hempseed, panko breadcrumbs, sea salt and pepper) in a little coconut oil, served with beet juice brown jasmine rice and a beet salad with sunflower seeds and goat cheese tossed in a honey dijon balsamic vinaigrette.

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