Dear BANGKOK…You have, literally, taken my breath away!

Oh my, how you have you have taken me by surprise. I must say, you literally took my breath away. Not once, not twice, but at least three times. No worries, I have come to love you anyways!

In all sincerity, I feel absolute gratitude for meeting you in this growing phase of the moon, as you have helped me to grow and heal through one of my most hidden and treasured fears. A fear I thought forever outgrown many moons ago, to now resurface in the reflection of your diesel fumes, cigarettes and sweet perfumes.

The mask I brought “just in case”, I now lay to rest. My “Breathe Easy” mask does not seem to work for me here. The one, I researched and so precisely matched for my sensitivities, took my breath away much further than you ever would. I have cried, cursed and glorified you, dear Bangkok, all in one breath! I have come out the other end, though! However, if you must know, I am still a bit gun shy to venture among a wide variety of your most popular charcoal grey painted streets. Perhaps, you may want to consider investing in a few oxygen bars for your well loved sensitive guests?

Bangkok, I want you to know that I do see and feel your beauty and colorful reality. I feel your divine nature within the flickering lights and colorful gems that sparkle naturally from within the cracks and crevices of your alleyways and busy streets. I have witnessed the ways in which you have touched your guests, always there to offer a helping hand. I see your appeal. Most of all, I have come to appreciate how you invite your guests to discard their worries, leaving all to trust in your natural ways as you usher everyone safely through your bustling city streets.

Bangkok, oh how you help those to loosen up in ways that no other city could. It is no wonder why yours is a popular destination for travelers from all around the world. The wild is well appreciated here. You shed a different light than others I have met. I see the eyes of fate watching over everyone in the wildness of your existence, leaving it up to the prayer infused beads, deities and colorful flags hanging from your review mirrors and dashboards to light the way, keeping most everyone safe and in one piece.

Bangkok, I knew I would meet your beauty, grace and eternal heartbeat, leaving me with my ever lasting and well intentioned happy ending. I know, I don’t want to get too ahead of myself as we still have a couple dances left to go.

Bangkok, how wonderful it is to feel how you honor and celebrate your many temples, shrines and golden Buddhas. They certainly brightened up my day!

P.S. Thank You, dear Bangkok for calling in the rains last night. Your true colors sure were shining today.

Your new friend,

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  1. This makes me so happy 🙂

    While I think Bangkok is one of the easier asian cities to acclimate to it still takes some time to find it’s beauty and joy. My first few visits were very brief and I left thinking of it just gateway to pass through as quickly as possible to the rest of Thailand. It wasn’t until after 3 short visits to Bangkok I finally spent a full week there and really found and fell in love with Bangkok.

    I repeated the same pattern months later in Delhi. It was only then I learned to take time to learn a city a complicated and diverse as either before forming an opinion of it.

  2. Thank You for sharing Jon!
    Yes, Bangkok has several wonderful gems
    illuminating among it’s charcoal grey streets… 🙂
    Grateful, we met some of the magic.
    Will look forward to hearing some of your
    Stories from Delhi, Bangkok and beyond…

    Simply being among other cultures
    is an absolutely beautiful experience.
    To really be inside the adventure of it all is a gift,
    even and especially with all the challenges that awaken
    in it’s presence.

    Being a California native, I have been appreciatively spoiled with clean air most of my life…I am now even more GRATEFUL than ever about clean and healthy air to breathe and fresh organic foods to eat…happy that chiang mai has wonderful and healthy food choices! The air is relatively clean, too, in this moment in time…

    Tyler and I are looking forward to sharing some adventures with you and Elena in ChiangMai… See you soon. 🙂

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