One of the greatest joys of traveling and living

around the world is the opportunity to commune and engage with Mother Earth’s natural, majestic and mystical universes.

Nature invites us to engage and commune with an open heart and wild innocence as we peel back the transparent veils of reality. Plants and trees are amazing teachers and allies for captivating our awareness within these realms. We may not in every moment take notice of the presence they play in our lives, however, they are always right there to engage with us. The moment we take the time to slow down and get down and dirty with the plants and trees, veils lift spontaneously while tangible and visceral realities come to life.


Tuning into the vibrations and frequencies of natures luminous patterns and portals of light, realities emerge. You know the worlds where faeries and elves play and exist? Where magic happens and anything and everything is possible? This place. The here and now. Communion with nature inspires an intimate relationship with the Universe, with our earth mother, naturally bringing our awareness towards the very nature of who and what we truly are. All this is reflected in the very strands of our DNA. Thank Goddess, for plants and trees and other light beings to kindly reflect our inherent beauty to us. We are learning more and more how our symbiotic relationship with nature brings about peace and harmony, inviting a brighter and harmonious world into existence. More fun, too. Wouldn’t you agree?


The New Moon coming soon on the horizon, I feel called to plant new seeds…to share the vision…to be of service in new and expansive ways…to enjoy and participate in the cycles of life in more profound ways…spreading seeds across the globe…listening and completely trusting the journey, wholeheartedly. The changing of the winds are coming and now is a great time to embrace the beauty of nature, witnessing the leaves as they shed themselves freely from the abundantly rich sunlit trees, opening to once again a new life…a new existence…a new reality!



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